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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (Review)

Developer: Neversoft
Publisher: Activision
Review Platform: Playstation 1
Release Date: September 20, 2000 (PS one)
Genre: Extreme Sports

Series background:  First THPS was released one year earlier back in 1999. by Neversoft. At the turn off 
                                 the new millennium game was considered revolutionary at its genre. In 1999. Activision 
                                 signed contract with professional skateboarder Tony Hawk to star in Tony Hawk's        
                                 Pro Skater. Gameplay was open-ended, in which players  had to complete number  of
                                 tasks with professional  skaters like finding secret tape  and doing high score. Game                 
                                 was  well received by critics, scoring mostly high ratings. HD version of the game was
                                 released July 18,2012. on Xbox 360,and later on Ps3 and PC.

                     Story:  Altrough there is no real story mode in THPS2, there is a Career mode in which player
                                progresses with one of many licensed pro skaters trough ten various levels. Completing
                                missions result in money rewards. With gained money players can purchase new levels,
                                boards, skills and tricks. Notice that THPS2 is the first game in the series that has Park
                                Creator and manual which enabled skaters to combine their tricks.

             Gameplay:  THPS2 features multiple modes like: Single player, Free skate, Multiplayer, Career
                                and Create-a-park. There is also Mat Hoffman's pro bmx demo with one additional
                                level "Hoffman Factory".
                                Levels are open-ended of which seven are for missions and three are for competition.
                                Mission levels are designed for the players to complete numerous tasks in two minutes
                                like high scores, S.K.A.T.E. letters, secret tape and other level uniqe tasks. While
                                competition levels are made as real life competition, where judges rate your runs.
                                Controls are easy, more arcade than simulation style, and easy to learn.
                                Now we come to the best part of the THPS2, Multiplayer aprops 2 player  mode.
                                Through there was no online on PS1 still this mode stole many many sleepless nights
                                too millions kids all over the world. Trick attack, graffiti, horse, tag and free skate were
                                more than enough to keep you satisfied for a long, long time.

              Graphics:  Game was made on The Apocalypse (1998) game engine that was redone for THPS2.
                               Through skate parks were desinged good,we gotta agree that this was not the best
                               that Playstation 1 could offer. Also notice that this engine was used for other Tony
                               Hawk games for Playstation 1 and for Spiderman 1 and 2.

                  Sound: THPS games are well known for their great and genre diverse soundtracks. Songs like
                               Goldfingers "Superman", Dead Kennedys "Police truck" and Rage against the machine
                               "Guerrilla radio" are now classics in THPS community. THPS2 covers various genres
                               like skate punk, hardcore, hip hop and stoner rock. Millencolin, Lagwagon, Anthrax
                               and Bad religion songs can also be found on this awesome soundtrack.

                Verdict:  Tony Hawk pro skater 2 is now considers true classic. There is no doubt that this game
                               is best in whole THPS serial. If you are interested in buying this game check out
                               Amazon or Ebay,game can be found by fair price around 7 up to 20 dollars.


OVERALL: 9                                                   

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